Work culture at MICROSENS

Work culture at MICROSENS

We are a typical German medium-sized company:
a brand with tradition that must constantly evolve in international competition and is convincing through its performance. This is supported by employees who are committed to creating sustainable solutions for our customers.
If you like to solve a variety of tasks in a pragmatic, hands-on way, you've come to the right place. Many of our employees appreciate the opportunity to organize their work relatively independently and to shape it individually.

Of course not everyone has to be an electronics expert or software developer, but enjoyment of the smart technology of our products and curiosity is helpful.

Not only do we work with international customers and business partners, but our workforce is also multicultural. Even though working in such diverse groups can present challenges, we see our cultural diversity as an enrichment.

Our interactions with each other tend to be relaxed and informal. We also value working together across age and gender boundaries.  By sharing different perspectives and experiences, innovative ideas can emerge and problems can be viewed from different angles.

At the latest since Corona, mobile collaboration has become quite normal in many areas. This also helps enormously at our various international locations: face-to-face meetings via video conference are just a mouse click away.

Our international business offers a wide range of challenges. Working with our international customers, partners or suppliers gives us the opportunity to learn a lot about the working culture there and to adapt to it. It helps to be tolerant, open-minded and flexible. Because many paths often lead to a common goal.

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