Corporate goals, strategy and leadership

Corporate goals, strategy and leadership

Product Development & Manufacturing - "Made In Germany"

Many state institutions and authorities in Germany and other countries are our customers. They operate critical infrastructure and carry out sovereign tasks. We have been a reliable partner for them for many years, fulfilling the high security requirements for their data transmission. Our in-house development in Germany and Poland and our production are our key success factors here.

We want to market our strong technological basis on a larger scale and continue to grow - also in order to expand our financial scope. We are constantly developing our product range in order to fulfil our promise of advanced "customer value-added" and to use modern electronic components. We are currently developing the 8th generation of our switches.  

We utilise an international supplier structure. This is essential in the field of electronics production. We also supplement our own core products with items that we have manufactured for us in order to integrate them into our network management software. Our professional product management team takes care of this.

We have invested in state-of-the-are production technology and developed a very sophisticated system to ensure the quality of our products during manufacture. We assemble printed circuit boards with electronic components in a highly automated process. And at the end, we proudly hold the fully tested product in our hands.

We want to further establish ourselves as a solution provider in the Smart Building Solution segment. To this end, we are supplementing our classic product range in the field of data transmission, for example, with intelligent sensors that can detect the presence of people, temperature, brightness, etc. in order to operate building technology intelligently.

Global footprint

The markets in the Middle East and India are particularly interested in smart technology. They are also growing fast. This is where we are currently particularly committed to expanding our business internationally. At the Dubai location, we also have our own branch office.   

But we have also established a foothold in South America and are successful in infrastructure projects such as airports.  

We work with partners at all international locations. These can be freelancers or companies that introduce smart networks for their customers on site. They advise the end customers and provide support if there are any challenges. In doing so, they work closely with our employees from support or internal sales at our location in Hamm.

Effective Collaboration & reliable Processes

With international growth and the wide range of applications for our products, the need to be able to work reliably with each other is growing. Even from the mobile office or during a business trip. We are constantly working on developing processes and systems to ensure this. For example, in software development or collaboration via MS-TEAMS.

We are also proud to assume social responsibility. In 2023, we were able to recruit 3 new apprentices for us.

As a solution provider, we must be able to successfully handle and support our customers' international projects. In addition to technical know-how, we also need linguistic, cultural and legal know-how.

All this has to be done according to our possibilities as a medium-sized manufacturer with a manageable team in the individual functional areas. This can only be achieved if everyone remains as hands-on and flexible in fulfilling their tasks as we are used to. We have many professionals in their field with a wealth of experience that they are happy to share. But when it comes to challenging issues, we can also rely on the professional cooperation of the employees in the central divisions of the Zech Group.