Areas of activity

Areas of activity

Working at MICROSENS, you can actively shape the current megatrends of our society. We offer you the following areas of activity along our entire value chain. What matches your interests and qualifications?

This is about deciding which products and services we want to offer our customers. What are our customers' requirements? How must our product range develop in the future? What does our competition offer? What is the market price that provides us with a framework for our manufacturing costs? If you have broad technical and business knowledge and enjoy coordinating things with many internal and external parties, this is the right place for you.


Product Management has already determined the requirements for new products. Now it's time to put them into practice and develop new products. On the one hand in hardware development. Which electronic components meet our performance and cost requirements? Taking into account our manufacturing capabilities, the product is created on the screen as a drawing and by specifying all the components.
At the same time, the software is developed to operate it and make it usable for the customer. This involves agile project work in a team, but also concentrated individual work on your own complex subtasks.


Purchasing / Production / Warehouse
This is all about manufacturing our products. For all components, internationally competitive suppliers must be found who can deliver components according to our specifications. We negotiate, purchase and store the deliveries.
Now production can begin. All components are assembled into a finished product. This is done using state-of-the-art manufacturing processes in our electronics production facility in Hamm. At the end, all products are put into operation and tested before they are shipped to our customers.


Marketing is all about providing our global customers with the best possible information about our products and services. Be it through our online presence, trade fairs, brochures, flyers or customer events. The aim is to attract the attention of customers for whom our products represent a solution.


In sales, we actively contact our customers. Their specific requirements need to be clarified and the right solution found. Sometimes in collaboration with our more technically experienced colleagues from Consulting. This results in a suitable offer, including all products, quantities, delivery dates, necessary services and prices.


Consulting / Support / Service
Product experts work here who can anticipate the use of our products by our customers in more complex cases and advise the customer. Is the customer not getting something right first time? Here comes the solution. Our employees require a great deal of application knowledge and an understanding of electronics and software.
In the spirit of sustainability, we look after our products throughout their entire life cycle. Customers often send us devices after many years in order to have them checked and, if necessary, to have "wear parts", which also exist in electronics, replaced.


Order processing and Project Management
Once the customer has placed an order with us, it must be processed reliably. All documents are generated using our modern integrated ERP system. Nevertheless, many agreements are also necessary, as we cater to our customers' individual needs. Or international shipping and export processes have to be handled. In our Smart Building Solutions division, it often goes beyond just deliveries. Our technical project management experts also regularly support customers in commissioning their overall solution internationally on site.


IT, accounting, controlling, human resources - also known as administration
The HR department takes care of our employees and their development and the precise search for new employees to fill vacancies.
In accounting, we keep track of our current financial situation at all times. This is where all the threads come together to manage our company and meet legal requirements. Controlling is about developing information and proposals to steer the company into the future in line with our financial targets.
The IT department is responsible for all applications and systems that facilitate our collaboration and work with our customers.