Career opportunities for professionals/graduates

Career opportunities for professionals & graduates

You have already been working for a few years but are now looking for a new professional challenge to develop your career. You are open-minded, think in an entrepreneurial way and are able to realise the tasks in your field hands-on.

We are always interested in meeting qualified and committed talents who enjoy developing sustainable solutions for our customers / enjoy smart technology.

Networked worldwide with MICROSENS!     

We offer the opportunity to you to be successful by realising your projects / tasks self-responsible and in a results-oriented manner. Good teamwork where it is needed. With clear tasks and good mutual agreements in a team where everybody can rely on each other.

On the one hand, we offer many specialised career opportunities. For example, as a project manager in our international sales or development projects. Or as an expert in your specialised field. Or you can work on solutions together with our customers, e.g. in sales or technical consulting.  
There are also opportunities for a management career in the areas of project management, functional area management or as head of a sales region or one of our international branches.  

Check out our vacancies (or send us your unsolicited application).

Application hints

Have you found what you are looking for and would like to become part of our team?

We are pleased! Here we have summarised for you what we look for in an application or interview.
Put yourself in our shoes! Imagine you receive application documents. What do you want to know about the applicant? What not? Tell us why you want to work for us.
What fascinates you about MICROSENS? In which area do you want to make your contribution and contribute valuable experience? Make us curious. Convince us to invite you!