Our Products and Solutions

Our products and solutions

MICROSENS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of fibre optic data transmission systems for office and industrial applications as well as building automation. Our innovative software and hardware products "Made in Germany" are in use all over the world. A strong plus: At MICROSENS, development and production take place in-house and in close contact with our customers.

Our products are switches for various areas of application. A switch is a device that controls data transmission between the connected end devices in a network, such as computers, telephones, lights, air conditioning systems and many other 'Internet of Things' devices. Our switches speak the language of the Internet - they can be used in any network.

We use fibre optic cables for data transmission. With a fibre optic connection, information is transmitted in the form of light rather than electrical impulses. As a result, data can be sent from one place to another much faster, for example when using the internet. To ensure this, previous copper cables are replaced by thin fibre optic cables made of flexible quartz glass. Fibre optic technology can save valuable resources such as raw materials and space requirements in buildings on a massive scale - a sustainable contribution to conserving resources.

We mainly use our products in the following applications:

Smart Building Solutions (SBS)

Our internet-based technology networks devices and assemblies from the areas of heating, air conditioning, sound, lighting and access control. Individual usage and access rights can be taken into account at room level. The result: a building automation system that is as innovative as it is secure. Our pioneering automation concept is decentralised, modular, scalable and uses the existing IT network as infrastructure.

Enterprise Networks

Our products have been a proven data transmission medium in offices and other workplaces since the 1990s. With the Fiber To The Office (FTTO) concept, modern office environments can be networked. Our switches make it possible to connect the network cables of the existing end devices directly to the fast fibre optic network.

Industrial Solutions

Whether in rail transport, traffic control technology or in industrial environments - network technology from MICROSENS offers robust and reliable products for data transmission even under adverse conditions (-40 °C to +85 °C).

Optical Transport

The demands on data centre performance are constantly growing. Companies require more and more available bandwidth and network capacities. With the multiplex systems from MICROSENS we increase the transmission capacity. With our technology, the transmitted data volume is increased. This allows data centres to be networked with just one fibre optic cable, with data transmissions possible over hundreds of kilometres.